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The Success Story of Greek ‘Gold’ Honey

Honey with edible gold leaf, which foreigners seem to love, and the sales of which have boomed, is a Greek patent, the idea of a young couple from Evia, Greece, who, while they were about to leave the country in search of a better life in Britain, decided to make one last business venture in Greece. Fortunately, they succeeded.

It all started at a friend’s wedding in spring 2012. The 31 year-old accountant and his 29 year-old wife, who was working as a kindergarten teacher at that time, were ready to migrate to the United Kingdom, but changed their plans after noticing the drink they were offered at the wedding. As it turned out, that drink changed their lives.

They were offered champagne with edible gold leaf. They were so impressed that it made them consider the possibility of adding gold leaf to the honey that Stavroula Theodorou’s family had been producing for generations.

Soon after, they established the Stayia Farm company, the name of which is a combination of the couple’s names; Sta from Stavroula and Yia from Yiannis. The couple converted a property they owned into a packing house, designed special packaging for the product and, by the end of 2012, they presented a global innovation: Vasilissa honey, containing edible 24-carat gold leaf.

After strenuous efforts, the couple managed to place their products in large shops abroad and even in Harrods. As they revealed, the honey with edible gold leaf was definitely the key to success. However, the excellent quality of the product, the innovative mixture and the unique packaging play all play a role in the success of their idea.

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