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An athlete in heart… an entrepreneur in the mind… and a gentleman overall!

Yiannis Karypidis

Most of us are brought up thinking that we are made to do one thing… being doctors, engineers, artists etc. and so we find it difficult imagining ourselves moving on to a new chapter! Yiannis Karypidis started out as a teenager playing sports… following his father’s footsteps, as he was a goal keeper of one of the key F.C teams of Greece. Yiannis started in track and field, moved on to Basketball and ended up playing for many national football teams in UK and in Greece. And that is just one chapter of his life! Yiannis is a down to earth person, with taste in quality… quality in every aspect of his life! He is simple and direct and a self-made entrepreneur! Sports and entrepreneurship work great together… it’s like being focused in results with creativity and innovation! Just like Yiannis Karypidis… he doesn’t let any opportunity pass by, without catching it… goal keeper attitude!

After closing the sports chapter in his life, Yiannis got involved with his sisters publishing and advertising company, organizing with success different events for the European Union and even organizing concerts. Somewhere along he met his beautiful wife, Stavroula Theodorou, and they decided to move to UK to start their life from there… everything was ready but they never left! Visiting his wife’s parent’s city, Yiannis discovered many tastes in the district that weren’t even known outside that city! So together with his wife, they established Stayia Farm, producing delicious products with super elegant packaging! Their journey of success started from there on… and everything was by them and their families! From the designing of the website till the packaging they did everything on their own working very hard to achieve excellence! They are truly a success story, a story that in the heart of the crisis was born and today their products are on the shelves of every prestigious delicatessen around the world!

Being a professional athlete is very tough, challenging and it requires a lot of adapting duo to constant moves and new environment each time… And that is one of Yiannis Karypidis’s biggest skills, as he knows exactly what must be done and how to reach his goals finding the right solution and adapting and changing each time.

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