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Vasilissa Extra Virgin Olive Oil




Vasilissa Olive Oil is a premium extra virgin olive oil made from the finest olives in Greece. With 50 years of experience, our olives are handpicked and crushed on a family-owned farm on the Island of Evia. The award-winning olive oil is cold pressed within hours of harvest and remarkably low in acidity.


A fully integrated assimilation and extraction process, along with a state of the art bottling and packaging facility, enables the quality to be strictly controlled at every stage of development.


Certified with protected designation of Greek origin, we ensure that only the best olives are harvested and distilled to deliver this superior extra virgin olive oil to you.




The 10 Benefits of Vasilissa EVOO


1. Its Natural! -The best of olive oil benefits. Vasilissa EVOO is nothing but fruit juice extracted mechanically from olive fruit. There is no heat or chemicals used in the extraction process.

2. Flavour – It just tastes good. For some people who just don`t like the bitter characteristic of some oils, there are olive varieties known for their mild flavour and olive oil pressed ripe olives is smooth and mellow.

3. Nutritinal Value – Vitamins E, K, and A as well as polyphenols,squalene, oleocanthol, triterpenes and hundreds more micronutrients make olive oil a healthy choice.

4. Oleic Acid – Oleic acid (Omega 9) makes up 55 – 85% of the fatty acids in olive oil. Oleic acid aids in keeping our arteries supple and helps prevent cancer.

5. Hydrogenated Oils – Olive oil is not hydrogenated oil. Hydrogenation creates dangerous trans-fats found in margarine and many other packages foods.


6. Heart Health and Cholesterol – Vasilissa EVOO is hight in polyphenols ( a powerful antioxidant) and monounsaturated fat which contributes to lowering bad cholesterol.

7. Cancer – Researchers at the University of Oxford believe that olive oil may be just as effective in the prevention of colon cancer. A diet rich in olive oil has been shown to reduce the incidence of colon, breast and skin cancers.

8. Blood Presure – Studies now indicate that Extra Virgin Olive Oil may help to lower blood pressure. Patients were able to reduce or eliminate the need for medications when olive oil was consumed on a regular basis.

9. Alzheimer – This disease is associated with the clogging of arteries caused by choresterol and saturated fat. Replacing other fats with olive oil will reduce the risk.

10. Gallstones – Olive oil promotes the secretion of bile and pancreatic hormones naturally and lowers the incidence of gallstones. There are more olive oil benefits. Its great for Skin and Hair Care, used in natural remedies, and is more versatile cooking oil than you may think.


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