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Great taste awards 2016 - International Taste and Quality Institute

Every year, the heart of the international gastronomy scene beats in London, here the international culinary contest “Great Taste Awards” takes place. This year, more than 400 skilled testers worked for over 49 days -from March to the end of July- testing over 10,000 products from around the world in order to determine who would be receiving this year’s Great Taste Awards, also known as the Oscars of taste.

Greece’s “gold” managed to steal the spotlight and fascinated even the most discerning judges and food writers of the world, showing that the quality of Greek apiculture products has the potential to reach the top. The six Greek honey products that were awarded are: «Vasilissa Organic Thyme Honey» from the Stayia Farm company, the PDO honey «Melitheon Vanilia Special Reserve Fir Tree Honey» and the “Melitheon Mastic honey” both from the Vasiliki Kritsidima&Co company, the “Stories of Greek Origins Organic Thyme honey” by Artion Greek Foods and “Melefsis Bee Pollen” by Melefsis.

The internationally renowned tasting contest “Great Taste Awards” is organized by the Guild of Fine Food and it is considered a benchmark for gourmet food."

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