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Stayia Farm Honey with Edible 24K Gold Flakes

by The Meditertanean Way Highly Recommended by Whom You Know

Honey with gold flakes?!?! Sounds divine! This raw, organic honey comes from a small, family-owned farm in Greece, which sounds even more divine, like something Greek gods would have enjoyed. I wanted to make sure to be able to fully taste this honey, so I tried it on some simple sourdough toast. It is incredibly thick and flavorful, with tremendous texture. I’ll try it in my coffee or tea next, and I’m sure a variety of places after that. My only problem will be keeping a supply in the house!

This extremely unique blend of thyme honey with 24K edible gold is superb! Stayia Farm in Greece created this delightful honey. You may enjoy it however you would any honey even in a simple cup off tea! The 24K edible gold delights not only your taste buds, also your eyes. The thyme flavors it with a wonderful distinctive taste. Stayia Farm bio-organic plants and soil create a chemical-free atmosphere for this to thrive in.

Give the gift of gold. When in doubt, hunting for the perfect little something for your Mother-in-Law’s garden party, housewarming gift, or gift basket, we found the solution. A precious jar of liquid gold, literally, from The Mediterranean Way. Greek honey, organic, and raised on a small farm, is infused with flakes of totally edible honey. The honey itself is impressive, and comes from thyme fields in central Greece. The people at Mediterranean Way have scouted for exclusive farmers and producers to fill their shelves with wondrous products. Vasilissa Honey may be the perfect touch at your next Tea Party. Jewelry for your tea? What a wonderful idea.

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