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Stayia Farm Presents Vasilissa Greek Honey Collection

Vasilissa Greek thyme honey with 24K edible gold.

CHALKIDA, GREECE, November 17, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The Vasilissa honey products are gaining a top position in the Gourmet World since they stand out with their quality and with their amazing presentation. Yiannis Karypidis and Stavroula Theodorou made sure their products are differentiating from the hundreds of honey that are in the market. A colorful ribbon that shows the type of honey separates the boxes that look like small cartons of milk.

Vasilissa innovative products have honey as essential ingredient. Organic Thyme honey, Organic Fir of Vityna-Vanilla Honey, Wildforest Honey with Tibetan goji berry, cinnamon sticks, lavender blossom, large tears mastic of Chios, red hot chili pepper and the unique Thyme Honey with 24K Edible Gold. This unique honey is a blend of raw, Greek honey made from organic farming and 24K pure edible Gold flakes. In Greece, the best honey comes from the blossoms of Thyme. Hippocrates praised both the nutritional and therapeutic value of honey, and used it both as food and as medicine. This thyme honey, the purest in Greece, is combined with 24 carat gold flakes, which is the highest purity of gold. According to the ancient alchemist concepts, gold possesses legendary powers which contribute to a long and vital life.

Stayia Farm is a small family bio farm on Evia island that was founded in 2012 but is keeping a huge tradition that is passing from generation to generation since the early 50s.

The heart of Stayia are experienced beekeepers that are constantly working with nature and the bees that allows them to gather unique honeys, with very particular flavor profiles for a variety of excellent customers who generally have a fine appreciation for good eating.

Everyone that is working for Stayia is a foodie. So, producing and marketing raw, wild-crafted Gourmet Honey is a natural fit.

Honey is like fine wine for them which means that every season there will be flavor, texture, and color differences as every year the various honeys have different characteristics and flavor notes depending on the rain patterns, amount of heat and sunlight, and other natural factors.

Stayia Farm's concept is founded on the idea of providing selection, quality and freshness, all at excellent value. Every single bio organically certified by BioHellas product is free from any chemical herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, insecticides or any other forms of suicides.

Excellence at its best.

Πηγή: 24-7

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